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What started as a "cool and fun thing to do" evolved into a fun business when we received many compliments and thank you's from friends and family at games and graduations back home and here in the mainland. My passion to see a smile on someone's face and sharing the tradition, led me to take it to the next level. So here we are today! :)  

Giving a lei is a Hawaiian tradition that goes back many years. It's a way of showing love, appreciation and honor...the many ways of showing "Aloha" to someone you know or just met.  It's a beautiful tradition that my family hopes to share with people we meet,  wherever life takes us! From Kahuku, on the North Shore of Oahu, but currently residing in Arlington, Texas, please allow us to share and spread the tradition!!

We know that every lei made is going to our customer's special someone, therefore the importance of quality and attention to detail is a priority.


(Good times with the fam on Kahuku beach)


Get to know your 'lei'dy:
-Truly believes that with faith anything is possible
-I'm a grateful wife of an Army Veteran & loving husband
-Proud Mom of a smart & athletic son
-Proud graduate of UT-Arlington & Kahuku High!
-What I love about Texas: tremendous opportunities
-What I miss about living in Hawaii: family, local food & the weather!
-Two people I wish I could've met: Bob Marley and Amelia Earhart

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Never Leave Your Side- Ho'okoa
Song: Never Leave Your SideArtist: Ho'okoaAlbum: Comin' Atchya
~~One of my fave Hawaiian jams. Enjoy!~~

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